Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Training Camp #2

Well we have another training camp. Mid season right smack dab in between stage races. The purpose of this camp is completely beyond me at the moment because most of the guys look like they should be sleeping on the couch w/ their legs up trying to recover instead of doing climbing intervals. But hey, I'm not the boss. Today was pretty rough for me. Actually, "pretty rough" is a serious understatement. I think today was one of the worst days I have had on the bike all year. I was absolutely crawling. Oh well. What ever, nothing a good night’s sleep can't cure. Tomorrow we head out to the legendary Mt. Ventoux for some serious climbing. Let's hope I'm not pedaling squares!


1 comment:

Nikki said...

So, worst day? In consideration of other days, that you didn't meet pavement, or in general all days? Sorry to read that in any case. You're supposed to be out having some serious fun while kicking some butt with the bike.

I hope the sleeps are good and you find some fun in the mountains tomorrow.