Monday, May 19, 2008

Just Don't Look Back

Any one who says keeping a training log is a good idea is a complete idiot. This is the second season I have kept one and once again it has been telling me nothing but bad things. I could see the benefit if I had control over my own training and racing schedule but, right now all it's telling me is I'm way in the hole and about to go even deeper w/ the next big race that stats tomorrow. So I'm tossing it out the window right now and taking a page out of breaking away 101: Don't look back.

Sunday's race was a full day of time trialing. The morning TT was well.... a TT. As is the norm Gatis and Evaldas had good rides and took the top 2 spots. In the afternoon it was TTT practice. After splitting the field over the first climb La Pomme went into formation and hammered on the front for the next 100km. Gatis won the road race and the over all. Long tough day in the saddle.

Tour de Franche ComtĂ© starts tomorrow. I honestly thought I had a few days to take it easy after training camp/Sunday’s race before Comte. Guess I was wrong... Oh well, I'm perfectly happy living vicariously through the results of my peers. Can't tell you how happy it makes me to see guys like Mike Lange (3rd Tour of Arkansas), Brad Huff (1st stage 4 Tour of Arkansas), and Kilian Patour (stage 3 Tour de Picardie) back on the podium. Nice work guys!

Ok, van is here. I'll try and keep y'all posted,

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Never look back...