Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today was honestly one of the most insane races I have ever done. I think 75% of the peleton crashed. By some act of God I managed to stay upright but I was taken out of the race in the last 15km by some hozer who thought it would be a good idea to smash my rear derailleur into my spokes as we chased back on after getting caught behind a crash. Pretty fun. On the bright side I felt great today, although I didn't manage to get any more King of the Mountains points. Oh well. My new plan for the rest of the race is to do what I do best. Go really, really hard. I'm thinking another long break is in the cards for me tomorrow. If the motivation to get a good result isn't enough to get away tomorrow, the fear of running through the Basque gauntlet of carnage again surly will be.

Cross your fingers it doesn’t rain again,

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Nikki said...

Stay upright and kick some butt! Thanks for the updates as finding info on the races is harder than one would think!

Good Luck!