Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Worst Fear

For some people it's public speaking or public humiliation. For others it's death. For me it's a bit of a combination of the two. My worst fear is ending up in the Darwin Awards. I guess it wouldn't be that bad seeing as I wouldn't actually know but damn, it would suck to be the parents of some of the winners. "Yes, Mr. & Mrs. So and So we are deeply sorry for your loss but, you have to admit..... your son was a dumb ass."

However, no Darwin awards will be given out this weekend. Hence, I have noting to fear. Courage is the name of the game and honor is at stake. As the old Cody Racing Team always liked to say,




Lyne said...

Pretty amazing that you'll be riding Paris-Roubaix. So pinch yourself, and go for it.

Nikki said...

Good Luck Alex!!!!!