Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Big Show

Typically I get pretty pissed when I am told that, instead of getting the planned rest I so desperately need, I have to man up and stick it out for one more race. Call it a pet peeve of mine. However, I just can't seem to get mad about the fact that U23 Paris-Roubaix has been tossed into my calendar. It's not really my kind of race but, it's a legendary beast of a race and with Gatis we have a legendary beast of a rider to call our leader. I'm itching with anticipation (ok, maybe it's not anticipation.... I've had some wild hives ever since laying down in the grass at the finish of French-Conte) over the idea of loosing a few brain cells as I bounce over the cobbles.

Manning up,

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Nikki said...

That rocks! Time to call up Meatball and get some good notes. :-) Is it odd that I am both happy for you and scared for you at the same time? Good Luck!