Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 3

Rain, rain, rain. Gotta love it. At least when it rains here it isn't nearly as cold as a rain storm on the ol' Colorado front range. In addition to the spectacularly rainy, climb filled training day today, I was delivered the information that I will not have the opportunity to race L'Isard next week. Can't say I'm pissed. Nothing like finding out the big goal of the season is no longer in my schedule, by email. What ever. As I have taught some of my team mates to say when bad things happen, "F*** it" and proceed. Seems like I've been saying that a lot with my recent streak of ill fated luck and crappy weather.

It's strange how the vocabulary deteriorates when the opportunity to speak English surfaces only once in a blue moon. For example, in Spain I was nearly run over whilst walking through a gas station parking lot. First words out of my mouth were, "YOU F*** ASS!!!!" F*** ass? Pretty creative I know. I think it's from the movie Donnie Darko.

Anyways, training camp is now over and tomorrow I plan to sleep till 1pm in an attempt to get some legs back under me for the race on Sunday. Oh, and not doing L'Isard is not the end of the world; I'll be doing Tour de Franche Comté instead. 5 days of fun. From what I hear the weather is supposed to be good and the scenery is top notch. Maybe the pasta will even be al dente! Ummm.... probably not. I think I'll just count my lucky stars and be grateful I didn't break my neck racing in Spain and cross my fingers I stay healthy from now until May 26.

Pissed off and riding fast,


jhowes45+1 said...

Bummer kid,

Gotta just let it roll.

They probably feel your to aggressive to play the steady freddy follow wheels GC rider. Not your style right now.

Nikki said...

Damn. Not sure what to say to help the mood on that one. Hopefully some good sleeps will take care of it and somehow tomorrow will sunny and delightful. Hey - do you dream in english or now that you're in France, in French? Odd thought.

Happy sleeps and keep us posted on Sunday's race!