Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This Is Going To Be Tough....

On paper today looked like the easiest stage. Didn't feel so easy. We road in one long line for 130km today until someone finally called uncle and the field shattered then regrouped into 2 groups. In the second group everyone seemed to be just as tired as I was and we were all more than happy to coast in the last 15km or so. So now me and 3 others from my team (we only have 5....) are now 5min down. To be perfectly honest I'm a bit happy because now I won't have a target on my back and there's no pressure for the TT.

It's strange having no idea where I am. I have yet to look up the location of the race on the internet and I slept for the entire 5-6hr car ride. All I know is that I'm located 5-6hrs from Marseille, the landscape is and odd blend of urban meshed w/ rural which reminds me of Pennsylvania (good training for Tour of PA), and tonight we're staying in the same town as the College of Notre Dame (a fact which was made very obvious as we came rolling in gawking at all the lovely "scenery" that only a college town can offer). On the plus side tonight's hotel has some really tasty food w/ plenty of variety.

Already dreaming about breakfast,

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MikeCreed said...

Hey bud, hang in there. Let me know if you want a care package from the states.