Thursday, February 28, 2008


Just kinda sittin' around. I gots nothin' to do but fight my invisible enemy and dream up things to do once I get healthy.

Did you ever meet my room mate? Personally I think his profile pics are real art.

He's out of town right now along with everybody else. It's a bit strange living here alone but, it's a good strange. No crappy techno music, the stove is always ready to be used, It's so quiet here I can even (you might want to sit down for this) read in the living room. Crazy, I know. I think the biggest challenge to living alone is going to be the readaptation once everyone returns. Until then, PARTY AT MY PLACE!!!! Don't forget your party hat Tejay.
Just kidding,

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Katie said...

Just looking up recipes for beef stroganoff...very Paula Dean of me with all that heavy cream! Thinking I need a party hat to cook with. I looked at houses and condos around Boulder and i told my real estate agent that I only want it if there's a room for my buddies. Turns out those places are pretty pricey...still on package mission. Will update you on the status. Heart, Katie