Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not a Bad Day

Solid day on the bike for me and a good day over all. Decent legs and some savvy decision making saw me sneak my way into the days early 20 rider split. At one point I thought we would make it to the finish for sure. 20 riders working smoothly with nearly a two minute gap, is damn near impossible for any amateur team to bring back and with all the big teams represented only the little teams would have any reason to chase. Alas, this is amateur racing and the peleton some how managed to bring us back. After that it was pretty much lights out for me. Just tried to cover moves and finish. However......

EVALDAS WON!!!!! AGAIN!!!! That's 2 out of 3 for him this season! To put the icing on the cake David Tanner came home w/ third and we won the team competition. Not to bad eh?

High lights of the day:

#1- Getting back to the van and asking, "what happened in the finish?" "oh, Evaldas won again" "!!!!!!!!!"

#2- Stickin' it to some Tinkoff guy out on the road. After getting my ass slapped for the 3rd time to move over by some over anxious Italian I looked over at him and gave him the ol' Alex Howes death stare. Apparently, I didn't do it quite right because a couple of corners later he came buzzing past on the inside, damn near crashed when his front wheel slid a couple of inches, and full on body checked me. Once he had regained composure he again tried an uncalled for pass and I had, had enough. I swear my left elbow reached out half a mile and hooked him like the bottom feeder he his. Stopped him dead in his tracks and almost sent him off the road. Needless to say he had a number of choice words for me. None of which I understood. I on the other hand had no words for him. Just one middle finger placed two inches from his face. He shut up pretty quick. I don't think he got more than 5 feet from me for the rest of the race.

#3- Playing with some random dog at some random person's house after the race. I think we wrestled for a good 15min and I think I cramped at least 15 times but it was fun. I miss my puppy dogs.

#4- Catching the shower gel thief. I had, had a suspicion that someone had been poaching my shower gel because I have gone through a full bottle since arriving. At home a bottle of such size would last for twice as long. That's not to say I don't bathe, although I have been cutting back recently for territorial reasons, but I have always been one to lather sparingly. How did I catch him you wonder? Lets just say that the French set their own trap when they decided that people should always give/receive 2 kisses to the cheeks when greeting. Sent lingers.

Enjoy your Sunday,


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