Monday, February 18, 2008

New Apartment

Recently discovered proof of my one ProTour appearence!

At least it feels that way. Renaud and I spent our "rest" day giving the apartment a full on over haul. The items now sitting out by the dumpsters include: fridge, oven, washing machine, bookshelf, what used to be a bookshelf, and a pile of trash 4ft high (that's what wouldn't fit in the dumpster...). My back needs a break. The wildest part is, is we still are not even close to being finished. We have plans drawn up for the kitchen which include new shelves and a few cabinets, roughly one ton worth of trophies to take to the club (not having a car means 2 trophies in a back pack for every trip the club. I estimate it will take roughly 2 months to get them all out of here), if we can get the team to pay for the paint, the bathroom needs to be painted, and we still need to do something about all the outlets before someone gets seriously electrocuted (a good shock is a pretty common occurrence).

I guess what I am saying is, I finally found myself a good project to keep my mind off of home and cycling. Although, I must ask, how the hell do I always get suckered into home improvement projects when I come to Europe?

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