Friday, February 1, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates during training camp.... I have been pretty trashed lately and simple things (like walking 200m to the cafe to get internet) have felt nearly impossible. With that said, I survived and I know for a fact that strong legs are just around the corner. Apparently, the staff agrees as I have just been issued my schedule for February. 5 races for the month starting on the 9th. Should be a good month for me and hopefully it will help set me up for bigger races once the season starts for realzyz.

February Schedule:

-9th Boucles Catalanes (France & Spain)
-10th Circuit Mediterraneen (France & Spain)
-14th GP De Rocheville (France)
-15th GP DE Peymeinade (France)
-23rd Les Boucles Sud Ardeche (France)

Excited and ready to race,

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fast daddy said...

Looks like a tough febuary schedule.