Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just Around The Corner....

Check out the Etapas. They look like the teeth of some sort of man eating animal. Lets just hope I come out alive.

Paris-Mantes was nothing special. Other than the shocking feeling of imminent death quickly advancing upon me as we entered each obstacle course of a town (and we passed through plenty of them) I was left with little to brag, I mean... write about.

I've got another race tomorrow some where in France. Should be a fast little bastard. 30 laps of a 1.8km circuit. I've busted out my carbon knuckled oakley boxing gloves for this one. This American crit racer is predicting some serious bush league antics and intends to arrive prepared. With a little luck I think those gloves may be in the air as I cross the line tomorrow.

Dustin' off the crit legs,

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Nikki said...

Hope you kick some butt!