Sunday, April 6, 2008

The races this weekend were pretty solid. For the first time in a long time I actually felt fast in a time trial. It was a 4km sprint. 1.5km into a head wind, 1km cross wind 1km tail, 1.5 cross. Pretty straight forward w/ only 2 corners worth breaking for (if you were planning on winning that is!). Got off to a great start and decided that I was going well enough to take some risks on the tail wind section and I promised myself I wouldn’t break. Underestimated the speed I would have when I road the course during warm up and ended up touching gravel in 3 out of the 4 corners on the back stretch! Some how I stayed on the road a was ready to hit the afterburners for the last 1.5km when I suddenly found myself riding a front wheel endo praying to every god in the universe to keep from kissing the concrete (this is the second time this season this has happened!! WTF!!). I didn’t crash and for my acrobatics I was rewarded w/ the opportunity to run/coast my bike for the last 1.5km. Fun! I’m not saying I was going to win but, I think I could have been top 5. Which for me, is a big deal when it’s a TT. Oh well.

The road race in the afternoon was much better. After few nervous moments of trying to beg, borrow, and steal a new chain a rival team stepped in to help out. Other than that I felt great all day. From the km zero attack (yeah, I was that asshole) to the final few km. Managed to TT up to the lead split which was pretty rad. Guess snapping my chain in the morning helped me save my TT legs for the afternoon…. I think I finished up somewhere in the top 10. Expecting big things for the big races comming up in the next couple of weeks and months.

As is the norm, the team road really well. Balbuena finished up 3rd overall, Lopez snagged the sprinters jersey, and Delaroziere came in 3rd for the mountains classification. Did I mention we only had 4 guys in the race? Not too shabby.

Not that anyone cares but, have I ever mentioned how much I love Sea Wolf?

Well I do so there,


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