Saturday, April 12, 2008

For Those Of You That Don't Know....

Hitting the deck at 60kpm really sucks. Not to mention hurts. Sucks even more when it happens in the 2nd Km of the race when the S--t is hitting the fan. To add insult to injury I was in what ended up being the winning group! Oh and after the crash I had 6 gears (3 in the back and 2 up front). Not 6 gears that worked, just 6 that the deraliure was phically capable of reaching. It made for a long day in the saddle. Can a guy get a little luck around here?

Ok I'm done venting. Good thing is, is that I finished so I can race tomorrow (at least they tell me that's a good thing.....) and my legs were actually really good today. I think I might have actually finished second group. Not sure seeing as I spent the whole day playing leap frog working my way up from the back. Tomorrow stars w/ a 6km up hill TT w/ a short road race in the afternoon. Cross your fingers I don't break my chain in this TT also.

Sleeping on the left side,

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