Monday, April 21, 2008

Grim Reaper

That's what I was for the Rhone Alpes Isere Tour. If you were behind me you were screwed. If you were in front of me, everything was going to be ok. With out fail, I was always the last guy to get popped from the lead group. Even when I was feeling amazingly strong something would happen that would keep me out of the lead group. Missed feeds, broken derailleur hanger, dropped chain, slick corner (fallowed by me body checking a rather solid brick wall), ect, ect. The list goes on. And as much as I'd love to sit here and bitch about all my misfortunes this week, the fact is I just didn't have the legs to play w/ the big boys this weekend. Yeah, it sucks when a major objective is met w/ sub par form and fortune but one must never cease to look on the bright side. Not only will repeatedly getting whipped on the climbs help me improve for the upcoming races but out of both panic and necessity I am once again one of the paragon falcons of the peleton. After 4 days of racing up and down rain slicked, and diesel soaked roads I have emerged not as one of the primer climbers but as one of the few who have perfected the delicate ballet moves required to play with the race caravan at 50mph. I may never be one of the best climbers in the peleton but I am quickly becoming one of the few crazy enough to hunt them down post summit.

Sun's out, better go ride,

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