Friday, April 25, 2008

Great Day Or, The Greatest Day?

A surprising number of people have brought the lack of posts over the past few days to my attention. It appears that my blog has a heroin like effect on some people. Like heroin, reading this blog will make you late for work, less intelligent, and over time will probably make your teeth fall out (I'm warning you now...). But, for some reason people read on. Interesting... Well, I have a damn good reason for not posting these last few days. My ipod died. And with it's passing, a surprisingly large chunk of my soul went with it. I never realized it till now but that little hunk of metal affectionately named Pijon and engraved with the saying, "You can't make a quesadilla with out the tortilla" is probably one of my best "friends." It's been with me now for over 3 years and has spent far more time with me than any other inanimate or animate being. I know how lame that must sound but it's true. These days especially. Plugging into the ipod is one of the only places I can get my English fix!

For 3 days I fought back the tears in silence and tried to stay strong with the music from my computer but it just wasn't the same. So this morning, after 3 cups of coffee and a couple of slices of home (peanut butter, honey, sliced banana, and cinnamon on toast) I cranked up the MGMT got out my Tok, Alaska Swiss army knife and proceeded to perform surgery on poor little Pijon. For 3 hrs I worked. Hands shaking from the nervous energy that can only come from diving head first into the unknown abyss of open heart surgery performed on ones best friend (or was it the 3 cups of coffee?), brow sweating, and eyes darting back and forth from a dismantled Pijon to Wikihow. And I'll be damned, I did it! I am happy to report that Pijon is once again fully functional! A revived ipod, spectacular ride w/ perfect weather, new bar tape, and new cleats makes today one of the most amazing days in the life of Alex Howes!

As I write this I can't help but think of another good friend of mine who's in a tough spot. Timmy Duggan recently hit the deck (hell, he probably broke the deck with how hard he hit it) at the Tour of Georgia. Pretty scary stuff. Hearing about crashes like that always makes me (and the rest of the peleton I'm sure) wonder why we do this stupid sport.

Heal fast Timmy!

Oh yeah, and there's a race this weekend! Paris-Mantes. I have no idea what kind of race it is or who is going to be there but I know where Paris is!

Goin' to Paris,


Tony Rocha said...

A wonderfully written post which I really enjoyed. Smacking arm, looking for the vein, waiting for another post.

P.S.: still have ma teeth.

Nikki said...

What can't you fix? Too funny. I'm glad you've got your "friend" back and I'm glad you're writing again. :-)

Good Luck this weekend and keep us posted!