Saturday, January 26, 2008

Traning camp day one

(Silverton...just because)
I was pretty slow. No.... really slow. Can't say I didn't expect it though. I've been feeling sick the past two days. Fortunutly I think it has passed and I should be able to complete camp w/ out too many problems. I was happy to see how strong my new team is. Most of the riders seem to be going really well right now. Especially a good portion of the French riders. They are hoping to make the team for "VC La Pomme's World Championships." Apparently the first race of the season is a big deal for the team and the rest of France. With the way I road today my chances of participating are minimal but hey, tomorrow is another day. A day whitch I plan to be much better prepaired for.

Takin' the hard hits just for shits,


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Josh said...

why is your dad wearing socks with his crocs??