Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today was probably one of the best days of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The king of rice puddings has been discovered!!!!!!!!!! Words can not come close to describing the joy I feel right now! Unfortunately, this probably means I'm going to get fat. Real fat.

Small warning when in France: Take caution when buying Garlic. I borrowed some of Pierre's garlic the other day (I'm sure he will read this so.... Thanks Pierre!) and it was no big deal. Same as the stuff at home. I hardly noticed its presence. But today, today was a completely different story. Half a clove minced and sprinkled on my salad had me crying, sweating, and desperately trying to force the greens, down the hatch. Never have I ever been so over powered by a food. If you can even call this a food! It was like eating some type of acid! I know your first thought must be that I am simply a wimp or some type of garlic light weight but I can assure you (with a very special girl back at home who can testify for me) that in my native land I am a clove consuming champion, a garlic gorging beast! But this is truly something else all together. Alas, I shall adapt.

If I conquer only one thing in France it will be the garlic.

Oh yeah, that face at the top is not a face of fear, It's my extream garlic/skiing face.


jthowes22 said...

i can't wait for u two come home as a fat stinky frenchman

DebH99 said...

Hi Alex!
Great blog! Is it true no pb in France?!What the..?! Sounds like you're doing well despite what it must be like to acclimate to a new country. Keep up the work, you are making a lot of people very proud! Hey, if you lose your clove consuming garlic title you can always go for literary comic! Love ya! Deb Hall, Jeremy and Josh