Friday, January 25, 2008


I would kill for a jar of peanut butter right now! Any one who says it's more rewarding to make something your self has never tried to make peanut butter. After searching every store with in 10 miles of my home I decide that the only way to get it in my pantry and more importantly, in my belly, was to make it my self. So far all tries have been unsuccessful. Stupid, no peanut butter, France.

I think I might start buying it off of ebay and selling it on the streets. Start some sort of revolution.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Alex,

In Paris, we can find some in supermarkets such as Monoprix or Carrefour...
Check this link:!ID=53930|MARQUE=0
It's the peanut butter sold by Carrefour supermarkets (the online version...)
Go to the closest Monoprix or Carrefour and you'll find some.

Good Luck!