Monday, May 28, 2007


Since my last post a lot has happened with out much actually happening. I'll do my best to spare ya'll from the boring stuff and just dish out the meat.

I got sick. Again. I think it was the same crap that I had after Gila it just never totally went away. I developed into a sweet ear/ sinus infection that required some doctor's assistance to remedy.

I got sick right before the Iron Horse classic. Nothing like driving in the mountains and racing @ 11,000ft with a sinus infection. Opted to do the race any ways because it was my parent's 20th wedding anniversary (they got married up there in Silverton) and my girly was up there too. So ya, race sucked (13th I think) but the trip was awesome. We all stayed at a nice little B&B and soaked in all that the bustling city of Silverton had to offer.

Anyways.... I have a good feeling about the races coming up. For me they will be the biggest/hardest/fastest/coolest races I have ever done in my life. Come Friday I leave my cocoon and fly away. I guess.

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