Monday, May 7, 2007

The Gila Monster

Well, I am back home now. The last stage of Gila was super hard. With a little help from Lucas I managed to make it into the early break. The plan was to put me and one of the team's better climbers in the break and have me drive it to stretch the gap and launch the climber up the hill and force the other teams to chase. So... that is exactly what we did. Me and Lucas made the break, got settled in, I drove up the gap as best I could, and Lucas went up the hill like a man with wings. On the first real climb I got dropped and did everything I could to make it over the hill with the main field. The field caught me (Slipstream was flying on the front) with a 1/4 to go and I did my best to bring up the pace and string it out over the top for the team. With my job done, I was done. As much as I would have liked to finish my first NRC race ever I was cooked. Even with pulling out early I had used more energy on this stage than any of the other stages. And none of the stages were close to easy.

Right now I have a few days of chill time before ramping up some intensity to get ready for some more high speed action.

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