Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back to the old school style

Raced yesterday and today. Yesterday was the North Boulder Crit. It was pretty sweet I guess. The legs sucked but the crowd was pretty solid and the course was as fun as always. With all the tight corners the field was down to 20 or so in no time. I made it into the group despite some gnarly stomach craps (apparently I'm on my "man period") but, started falling apart and tagged a barrier. I didn't go down but I did fall off the back and never got back on. Too bad, so sad. Today was a little better (just a little). The legs were solid and the wind made for a hard race. Pretty much dragged, what would have been the winning break, back to the rest of us shmucks. Had a faint hope of contesting the final sprint for 4th but a boxed position and some tired legs resulted in me doing the ol' cat 4 funny-man wobble to the line.

Any ways... the title; I think I am going to go back to my old school ways of training less. I'll train harder but I think more rest days and the good old cross eyed junior style of training should see me cruzin' pretty by the time CSC rolls around.

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