Friday, May 4, 2007


Today was awsome! The team hit the front 5 miles into the race and after only 10 miles the lead group was down from 120 to 18 riders!!! The ride for today can be summed up by only one word: perfection. Oh yeah, WE WON! Tom Peterson (god among men) launched with 30 miles to go on the stage with 3 other riders and took it all the way to the line! I was a little worried toward the end because the field was rolling up on the break pretty fast so I lined up for the sprint but once I knew we were not going to catch the break I opted to just cruze it in. But hey, I still got a top 10 in my first NRC race ever. Excellent team work, stage win for the team, and a top 10 on a super hard day; can not really ask for much more.

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Star said...

Sweet! Glad you're making it worth while. You know what you're doin'. Be my best Sander.