Thursday, May 3, 2007

Da Gila

This is taken from the very back!

Nothing like watching TV in a hotel room like a half dead bum after a race. Since my last post I flew down to Silver City, NM (the second flight was a little too sketchy for my taste), race the TT, and raced the first road race. For me the TT went well. I was still running the kaboose on the team but I did drop 3 minuts off of last years time (hell yeah!) and I did not feel too gassed after so.... ya. Not too bad. Today's race was a bit crappy. Felt blocked up and dry all day. I also got tangled up in a really stupid crash and had to chase for quite some time. Once we hit the final hill I went straight out the back after a hard effort at the front for the team. What ever. Good days and bad.

Tomorrow is going to be sweet. That is about all I have to say about the future. I have won the up comming stage 2 years in a row and I do not really feel like breaking that trend.

The team is fast and relaxed. The food is good. The bikes are light and areo. And we have no excuses for anything less than the big W.

Wellp, back to watching Rachel Ray.

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jhowes45+1 said...

Might be good might be bad. Gotta live the day to get to the future. Be safe and buy your mother a Gila t-shirt for mothers day. Buy your girl-friend something copper "jewelry" from silver-city. Big copper mine in the area, thats the connection.