Monday, May 28, 2007


Since my last post a lot has happened with out much actually happening. I'll do my best to spare ya'll from the boring stuff and just dish out the meat.

I got sick. Again. I think it was the same crap that I had after Gila it just never totally went away. I developed into a sweet ear/ sinus infection that required some doctor's assistance to remedy.

I got sick right before the Iron Horse classic. Nothing like driving in the mountains and racing @ 11,000ft with a sinus infection. Opted to do the race any ways because it was my parent's 20th wedding anniversary (they got married up there in Silverton) and my girly was up there too. So ya, race sucked (13th I think) but the trip was awesome. We all stayed at a nice little B&B and soaked in all that the bustling city of Silverton had to offer.

Anyways.... I have a good feeling about the races coming up. For me they will be the biggest/hardest/fastest/coolest races I have ever done in my life. Come Friday I leave my cocoon and fly away. I guess.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back to the old school style

Raced yesterday and today. Yesterday was the North Boulder Crit. It was pretty sweet I guess. The legs sucked but the crowd was pretty solid and the course was as fun as always. With all the tight corners the field was down to 20 or so in no time. I made it into the group despite some gnarly stomach craps (apparently I'm on my "man period") but, started falling apart and tagged a barrier. I didn't go down but I did fall off the back and never got back on. Too bad, so sad. Today was a little better (just a little). The legs were solid and the wind made for a hard race. Pretty much dragged, what would have been the winning break, back to the rest of us shmucks. Had a faint hope of contesting the final sprint for 4th but a boxed position and some tired legs resulted in me doing the ol' cat 4 funny-man wobble to the line.

Any ways... the title; I think I am going to go back to my old school ways of training less. I'll train harder but I think more rest days and the good old cross eyed junior style of training should see me cruzin' pretty by the time CSC rolls around.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Couch Time

The sickness has finally left my body but my has inched its way back up on the "oh shit" list. It is not really a big deal but the fact that a slight ache is back scares the hell out of me. It took me months to get over this the first time around and I think I would go insane if I had to do it again. So.... shorter rides fallowed with lots of time with the ice pack have my mind occupied.

Anyways, North Boulder crit is this weekend and I think I should be healthy and racing so come out and yell. Should be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Yeah, so.... I'm sick. I guess that is just how it always goes. As soon as the form starts to really come around a bug sneeks in and a few days on the couch are required. Oh well.

Check out some of the better pics from the Gila

For some reason the resteraunt we
went to had a can of whipped cream
on the menue.

Micro attempting to sumit Silver City's massive airport along side my sweet bed head.

The juniors doing what they do best: looking goofy. Daimo does his best to compete but we all know he'll never come close the more proer juniors.

Monday, May 7, 2007

The Gila Monster

Well, I am back home now. The last stage of Gila was super hard. With a little help from Lucas I managed to make it into the early break. The plan was to put me and one of the team's better climbers in the break and have me drive it to stretch the gap and launch the climber up the hill and force the other teams to chase. So... that is exactly what we did. Me and Lucas made the break, got settled in, I drove up the gap as best I could, and Lucas went up the hill like a man with wings. On the first real climb I got dropped and did everything I could to make it over the hill with the main field. The field caught me (Slipstream was flying on the front) with a 1/4 to go and I did my best to bring up the pace and string it out over the top for the team. With my job done, I was done. As much as I would have liked to finish my first NRC race ever I was cooked. Even with pulling out early I had used more energy on this stage than any of the other stages. And none of the stages were close to easy.

Right now I have a few days of chill time before ramping up some intensity to get ready for some more high speed action.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


Today we raced the crit. Not good not bad. Felt like if I was on a normal day I could have placed well but today there was nothing in my legs and all kinds of funky stuff in my tummy. In hard stage raced everyones stomach and legs get wrenched it is just a question of how bad. Today for me it was pretty bad. Good thing it was just a crit and I did not lose any time. Still got to say thaks to the team for throwing me up so many times at the end. Thanks guys. Next time.

Tomorrow is going to be HARD! Cereally.

Dinna time.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Today was awsome! The team hit the front 5 miles into the race and after only 10 miles the lead group was down from 120 to 18 riders!!! The ride for today can be summed up by only one word: perfection. Oh yeah, WE WON! Tom Peterson (god among men) launched with 30 miles to go on the stage with 3 other riders and took it all the way to the line! I was a little worried toward the end because the field was rolling up on the break pretty fast so I lined up for the sprint but once I knew we were not going to catch the break I opted to just cruze it in. But hey, I still got a top 10 in my first NRC race ever. Excellent team work, stage win for the team, and a top 10 on a super hard day; can not really ask for much more.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Da Gila

This is taken from the very back!

Nothing like watching TV in a hotel room like a half dead bum after a race. Since my last post I flew down to Silver City, NM (the second flight was a little too sketchy for my taste), race the TT, and raced the first road race. For me the TT went well. I was still running the kaboose on the team but I did drop 3 minuts off of last years time (hell yeah!) and I did not feel too gassed after so.... ya. Not too bad. Today's race was a bit crappy. Felt blocked up and dry all day. I also got tangled up in a really stupid crash and had to chase for quite some time. Once we hit the final hill I went straight out the back after a hard effort at the front for the team. What ever. Good days and bad.

Tomorrow is going to be sweet. That is about all I have to say about the future. I have won the up comming stage 2 years in a row and I do not really feel like breaking that trend.

The team is fast and relaxed. The food is good. The bikes are light and areo. And we have no excuses for anything less than the big W.

Wellp, back to watching Rachel Ray.