Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Time

Well it’s definitely summer time! Yeah the heat is a good indicator of the current season but an even better indicator is the amount of ink on my calendar. Leaving for the alps today. Excited to get some good quality altitude training in with a group of really strong (and a couple of English speakers!) riders. I’ll even most likely get the chance to see a bit of the Tour’ up close! After 8 days in the alps a five hour train ride will land me in Paris for a few days chillin’ with the Slipstream staff (and the lovely Katie Merritt) and some quality Tour’ watching/ English speaking. From Paris it’s off to the six day, Tour d’Alsace. Which if I’m correct, which I think I am… crisscrosses the boarders of France and Germany.

Not quite as crazy as years past (did the math from last year: significant time spent in 13 states and 4 countries for the year’s total) but hey, at least I’ll be out of the house!


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