Saturday, July 5, 2008

Flash update

Just got back to France after a looonnngggg day of travel. I thought I'd be able to just jump back into the swing of things over here but, there's no denying the fact that my French has started to rust and a brief taste of home has only left me wanting more. Oh well, no time to cry. I leave for Portugal on the 7th. Just enough time to wash my dirty cloths and take the tub of peanut butter out of my abused and over used bag. Any ways, as the title promises here's a quick list of all the rad things that went down over the last few weeks-

- Tour of PA - Wow, what a race! Felt amazing to be racing back in the states and it felt even better to be racing w/ a group of guys who are not only some of the best in the peleton but some of my best friends! Awards taken are as follows:

  • Team GC (as Walker will tell you, it's a big deal because we all got jearsys)

  • Climbers jearsy (Won by Peter Stetina after some of the most hardcore racing I've ever seen. Took a couple of pages out of the, "Eastern Block Book for Bikers - We Break Legs for breakfast"

  • Best young rider - Won by Peter Salons. If you count nail sanwiches and horse semen recovery shakes* as doping than that kid is jacked.

  • Most agressive rider jearsy on 2 stages - I had it one day and Stetina had it the next day.

  • Oh yeah, almost forgot..... we won 2 stages! One of them was live on national television! Both were won by Daniel Holloway. That kid is FAST! Everybody was saying how amazing we were as a team riding on the front in the crits trying to set it up for Holloway. Fact is, is that it ain't hard to go hard when you know you've got a guy like Holloway to seal the deal at the end.

- Home - I could write a full book of the events that took place but I'll spare you the details.

  • 8hr rides trying to cover every inch of the front range roads I love so much.

  • Farmer's market loitering

  • Levi's 21st and a steller Hat party

  • Goodwill shopping

  • Rock climbing (Fred and Vaughters, if you're reading this right now you can go ahead and ignore that last bullet...)

  • 2 crashes (one stupid one in a construction zone and one on live television)

  • One potato gun shooting (may the Kelly Cannon live forever)

All of that is topped off w/ a healthy serving of quality laughs, tasty food, hugs, and good ol' Colorado livin'.

Well then, It's been 29hrs since I last had a wink of solid snoozin' so I'm off to bed.

Happy late 4th of July,


*The Slovok never actually ingested nails or horse semen...

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Kevin Mullervy said...

Very good work man in the tour of PA. Watched it everyday on versus and you guys looked great. Keep up the good work man. You going to be doing any cross this fall?