Monday, March 31, 2008

Mini Adventures

That what life is for a bike racer. It's just a series of mini adventures (some less mini than others) interspersed with brief periods of extreme boredom. A few days in a faraway land filled w/ picturesque rolling hills and snow caped peaks here, a week or two in a foreign jungle of a city there. The concept of consistency does not exist (aside from the fact that as a bike racer you KNOW that you HAVE to ride your bike EVERYDAY (w/ a few very rare exceptions) if you want to WIN) and to entertain the idea that you actually have a home, or some sort of permanent base, is simply an act that will set you up for quite a let down. Sometimes it sucks however, most of the time the pace and rhythm mesh perfectly with the beat of my little humming bird heart rate.

This weekend's mini adventure was to Annemasse. The race was hard. I spent most of the day driving the peleton through valleys and over some pretty damn tough hills. The team road really well as a cohesive unit, splitting the field into smaller and smaller groups until lighting a rocket going into the final climb. My legs felt solid but after 120km of flat out racing my body yelled, "uncle" and I had to find a little laughing group and limp home with. All things considering I'm pretty happy w/ the way things played out and w/ way I raced. Big props to Jonathan Balbuena who road a stellar race to finish 2nd. But ya, bla bla bla.... racing shmacing. What I really wanted to say is how F---ING AWSOME Annemasse is. I'm pretty sure if I ever decide to buy myself a permanent residence here in France it's going to be somewhere in that region. Absolutely stunning landscape. I'm thinking a nice little cottage in Switzerland.....

Oh, and I had another little mini adventure today too! While digging through the piles of food on my shelf I had a sudden thought, "WTF Alex why are you still using an old dilapidated cardboard box to organize your crap? Build a f---ing spice rack!" So that's just what I did. I walked/hitch hiked the 4 miles in the rain (people keep telling me it never rains here... What the hell?) to the hardware store, bought a saw, nails, and a hammer, ripped apart some chairs by the dumpsters and made an absolutely baller spice rack. Thank you boy scouts!

Oh and congrats to Jonathan Brunel, and Gatis Smukulis who both snagged sweet victories this weekend at Saint-Ciers!

Did you know the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated on this day in 1889?

Yeah, didn’t think so,


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