Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bad Dead Dog

Dead Dog was a bit of a bust. I had super good climbing legs considering I had been down to sea level for the month leading up to the race and there were two 10,000ft passes to cover. I made it over with the leaders with out digging too deep but fell apart on the 11mile flat run in to the finish. It was my own fault. I thought (or rather prayed) I could do a 85mile road race on 2 clif shots. Total junior move. Oh well. After that the crit sucked and the tt went even worse but I still managed a top 10 over all. Can not complain too much I guess. Big thanks to the race promoters and all the volunteers for putting on a super event!

Right now is kind of an interesting period for me. Both my body and mind are pumped up to race yet there are no races for me to do until nationals. That is two weeks away! I do not really know what I will do with my self between now and then. Hopefully I do not kill my self in training. Yet again, oh well. I seem to be saying that a lot these days. Perhaps that is a habit I should work on changing....

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