Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Still with the rain

I think I can see the sun!
Nice easy day again. Slept in today because the forecast was calling for cold rain all morning and warm blue sky in the afternoon. Problem is the local meteorologists do not really have a feel for the Boulder area and seem to get it flip-flopped most of the time. It was nice out all morning and rained for a solid two hours in the afternoon. The rain started as soon as I left the neighborhood stopped for 5 minutes out on the road and resumed until I got home.
Learned today that for UCI drug tests a, "Maximum 5 ml of blood shall be drawn." Now, I do not sit down and measure out how much blood they take from me each week but, for the team's tests, I am pretty sure the lab uses two 2ml tubes and 2-3 5ml tubes. That comes out to almost 20ml of blood each week! Talk about anti doping. No wonder I feel tired.

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Dr. Pete said...

Gee Alex, the "whethermen" tricked both of us...easy 1.5 hours yesterday afternoon down near the Tech Center, and 1 hour of rain smack in the middle. Murphy's been watching us!!