Saturday, April 28, 2007

Climbin', Wheelin' & Shootin'

After a hard day of pure climbing (we spent 4hrs sprinting up some of the craziest climbs Boulder has to offer) me and Micro decided to take his new pathfinder out for a little drive. After Micro's driving skills got a nice dusting and the tire pressure got dropped a bit we were cruising over, through, and around terrain that would impress the residents of ward and make the average city slicker, straight up faint (and I thought the roads we were riding on were steep!). Fun times were had until the confidence got a little too high and a snow drift was miss judged. Did we get stick in that snow drift? No. Did we over gas the engine, slide down the hill and come dangerously close to sliding into an old mine shaft? YES. I knew we were really in trouble when neither one of us, no matter how gingerly we were, could get out of the car with out it sliding further down and becoming even closer to rolling off into the hole. 45min of hard core whenching, anchoring, pushing, pulling, praying, and team work got us back onto solid ground.

(It's kinda hard to tell but, Micro is pretty much holding the car up right)

From there a little more creeping brought us to a sweet shooting spot and we spent the rest of the daylight we had popping a box of clays.

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