Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Roubaix '09

This race is stupid hard. Made it through the first few pave sections with the group no problemo. With about 80km to go I heard Kirk yelling, "HOWES!!!!!!!!" from about 20 riders back. Flat tire. Boo. Seeing as he was one of the leaders on the day my front wheel was now his front wheel. I sent him on his way, waited for the cars (loooong wait) then chased until I though my poor little heart was going to pop. Rolled up on Holloway who was in the early break and tossed out the parachute. Even with just rolling the last 50km my legs were still trashed the next day. Not to mention my hands and back. Huge props to Taytay Phinny for winning in the velodrome. Guess all that time on the track paid off.

Training for Philly/Beauce right meow. So ready to get back on the road and in the races!


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