Friday, May 29, 2009

Just A Little Warning If You See Me Sometime In the Next Couple of Weeks...

Mustache Growing Contest!

Grow your 'stache! Impress your friends! Alienate loved ones!Any rider, staff, or sponsor welcome to comptete in the First Annual F-H-G Mustache Competition. There will be only two categories - Men and Women. The competition will end on June 14, 2009 and correspond with the final stage of the 2009 Tour de Beauce. If unavailable to attend the final judging ceremonies in Quebec please send detailed photos and Mustache CV via email todaimowrench@******.com. Daimeon Shanks (beloved inventor of the exclamation point and mechanic for Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin) will be judging the competiton. Although Daimeon will be recusing himself for the competition, he will be growing a 'sympathy' mustache.Mustaches will be judged on a variety of categories including (but not limited to):
- Volume
- Moxy
- Stick-to-it-tuiness
- Longevity
- Frenchness
- Swagger
- Firefighterness
- Dancability
and others!

Winner will receive an All-Expenses-Paid trip to their local barber for a mustache shave!*Please forward this email to any appropriate colleagues or interested parties (my email address book is NOT complete!).


The Commitee for the First Annual FELT-HOLOWESKO-PARTNERS Mustache Growing Contestc/o Daimeon Shanks

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