Friday, December 28, 2007

Here comes the new year!

wow. sorry about the lack of posts. i've been pretty busy and my computer has been out of commission for quite some time.

any ways.... life is good. cyclo cross season has come and gone (for me at least. some of the boys are still going strong over in europe right now to prepare for words. good luck to brady, toast, and the rest of the crew.) and i must say it was tons of fun. this was probably my most enjoyable cross season (probably due to my lack of racing). big thanks to ben turner and the rest of the staff for all their hard work.

training is great. thus far, this has probably been my best off season ever. i've lost weight, gained muscle, and best of all i am super motivated for the next season's racing with VC La Pomme. i can hardly wait to tear it up (or at least not get too torn up) in France. my french is coming along ok. not great but, ok. it's strange to think that the new season is just around the corner. it feels like i've hardly been home at all this off season. in fact, i just got "home" today from an 8 day trip to Hawaii with the family. pretty warm down in that part of the world right now, with some great roads that make riding a bike a blast. if you ever go be sure to check out "swimming with manta rays." it was easily the most incredible thing i have done in a long time.

i sure your sick of my run on sentences and lack of punctuation so i'll let you go.

happy holidays to you and your's,


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