Tuesday, July 17, 2007


wow, we sucked @ nationals. hard core. maybe it was the crazy steep ladder/stairs me and pete had to scale 6 times a day to get to our room (yes it was fun in the cleats!) or i could have been all the toaster treats. or perhaps it was the fact that w/ our sweet argile we were super marked out there and expected to do all the work w/ only 4 guys. i did my best to make everyone cry but the best we could muster was Craig's 4th in the tt and Taylor's 5th in the crit. personally i was happy w/ the way i road and have a good feeling about Toona which is next week.

right now it's just me, pete, craig, taylor, and daimo pickin' our butts in pittsburgh for the rest of the week untill toona. we are making fast friends w/ the ladies down @ the trek shop and quest lab and we got some sweet crabs down @ joe's. i'm not gonna lie: i'm starting to crack a bit. me and pete are so cracked that we both gave eachother really fucked up (excuse my profanity) hair cuts. i look like some sort of nazi ninja and pete had the sweet short bus, sylvan learning center special kid hair cut. it was oh so crisp till he shaved it all off. now he just looks 13 years old. on the bright side we now have internet i should be able to hold off on killing pete in his sleep for a little longer.
roughest chip/seal i have ever ridden on in my life. the pick does it zero justice.
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