Friday, July 10, 2009

Holly Crap...

Photo from Lyne Lamoureux. Checked out

Has it really been since Pilly that I last updated this thing? Ouch, sorry. No matter, here is the scoop:

Philly- DAMN! Good legs all day. Came into the finish ready to dump 5 buckets worth of sprint and ended up dropping anchor when a few guys stacked it in front of me. boo to crashes at the front.

Beauce- WHERE IS THE FLOW???? Had really good legs all of Beauce, but just could never find the flow. Hit 5 moves, 6th one goes... Spend all day killing it trying to get something going, nothing goes... So frustrating. Oh well, it was a good learning experience.

And the fluff- Since Beauce I have just been laying low soaking up all the supreme radness of Boulder, Colorado. Summer has been good to me. Been training hard (had THE BIGGEST day on a bike ever last week) but not too hard. Mentally fresh and physically fit. That's the way to be. Made a trip to Dead Dog. Raced my little booty off and got in some fun high altitude camping. I have decided that pasta is only worth eating when cooked over an open flame and mixed w/ beans and tuna. Doesn't hurt when a cute girl cooks it either...

The Future?- "Training Camp: Goin' Colombo '09" officially kicks off this evening with the "Aero Dinner." We are going to slam it in prep for the second half of the season. Motor pace the valleys and race the climbs; that's how we are going to get our babies off Top Ramen. After camp it's Cascade, Nationals, Utah, and hopefully Missoura.

Hopefully update sooner rather than later,
P.S. Walker was the very deserving winner of the mustache competition. Well played good sir, well played.

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Nikki said...

Enjoy camp! Thank goodness we get to keep up with you in other places. LOL!

Looking forward to hopefully seeing you at ToM, god willing this thing goes off!