Thursday, April 2, 2009

On the mend

Double toast to Redlands!

Doing my best here in CO to patch up the holes in my left side. The road rash is coming along nicely but I've been having some issues getting my hip flexor firing on all cylinders. It'll come. Best part about healing up in CO is the snow. Yes, I know I've pissed and moaned about the snow a million times but when rest is the order of the day, the guilt level hardly tops zero when opening the shades to see the world sleeping under a cold quilt of snow.

Oh yeah, Redlands finished up nicely. We managed to sneak away with team GC, and Kirk tied up the KOM jersey and scored second on the final stage. Man that kid is movin'. The whole team was super solid all week and I think we comfortably accomplished our goal of showing the world we're a team not to be left unconsidered when forecasting future victories. 4 guys in the top 20 of one of the biggest races on American soil. Not too shabby.

MTB bike today,


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