Friday, January 9, 2009


Pic from Cx Nats by Mia Sullivan. Thanks Mia!

Is it really January already? Wowzers.

For me January is the month were thing really start to get rolling. All the crap I've been putting off all off season goes from "eh, I'll do it in January" status to, "wholly sh*t! It's January!" For one reason or another this month always seems to sneak up on me. The start to this year has been even more hectic than years past (if you can believe that... last year I, along w/ damn near everything I owned, jumped the Atlantic, and the year before that I was busy as a box of bees trying to get my crap together to make my debut season as a professional). I'm going to blame the craziness on my 21st b-day and a 100% stupid cruzer bike knee injury.

I turned 21 on New Years day. New Year's eve was rad. Really rad. Like having your 21st b-day on one of the worlds biggest party nights, rad. That was over a week ago though, stop offering to buy me drinks. As much as I appreciate the gesture, I've got some work to do to get back to race weight.

As for the knee...

I wiped out on some ice while riding my cruzer bike to the store. I smacked my knee really hard. This was followed shortly by slipping in my kitchen and smacking it once again. 100% sober, I assure you. Lame, I know. I honestly had myself pegged for some sort of over use injury when I was doing 30hr weeks and lifting 3 days a week back in late November and December. But no, I f****ed up on the way to the store and I'm bad at putting oatmeal on the shelf. That's life I guess. No worries though. It's coming around nicely and right now I'm waiting until it's 100% before really getting back into it. Until then I'll just keep holding my breath while I ride and call that training.

Training camp starts the 23rd for me. I'm excited. Hopefully all joints are ready to go by then.

Happy new year,

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