Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm a Jerk....

  • I know, I'm a jerk. I spend all season keeping ya'll well informed on my whereabouts and activities and then as soon as the off season rolls around I cut you off cold turkey. My bad. I'd promise not to let it happen again but it probably will so, I'll just ask you to bare with me. It's the price you pay for reading the blog of an ADD twenty year old.

    Anyways.... Where to start? I took a nice little off season from mid September to mid October. Raced a little cross, raced the Tour of Okinawa, raced a little more cross, and these days I'm on my bike 20+ hrs a week plus in the gym 3 days a week. Sometimes I have to remind myself that my break actually did happen and it wasn't just some awesome dream. So yeah, that's the bike side of life. Sorry to be brief but if you really care to hear more shoot me a comment.

    Oh, and I'm racing Cross Nationals this weekend. If you're out there give me a shout!

    As for no bike stuff... Moved into a new house up in North Boulder. My roomies were 4 lesbians, a Polish girl, and a guy that sells soy beans. But then 2 of the girls broke up (and the one that left took her awesome dog. So not rad.) and the Polish girl and guy that sold soy beans got fed up with our requests for them to clean their pasta sauce of the kitchen ceiling so they bounced as well. So, now it's me 3 lesbians and I think our new room mate is a (gulp...) triathlete. The official drink of choice at the ol' 1540 homestead is PBR. We have a tent in the basement for slumber parties, we have a custom painted beer pong table & dart board, and I think I'm home about 20% of the time and I have about 20 pairs of ear plugs on hand. Ridiculous contrast = ridiculous fun.

    These days I'm getting around in an old '92 Dodge Dakota pick up courtesy of my grandma. Thanks grandma! It's 120% horrible in the snow, has the names of various high school dingbats scratched into the paint, a couple of Avery's brewery stickers permanently stuck to the back, and by my unprofessional diagnosis, may possibly be on the verge of explosion. But god damn it, it's got character. I'm convinced it runs on a character/gasoline mix. Just add 1 part character and 400 parts gas. Seriously though, I shed a tear for all the pour polar bears I'm drowning every time I drive the beast.

    Running out of time...

    Quick list of other stuff that went down this off season:
  • Voted
  • Went "hunting" (ran around the woods, shooting cans, throwing knives at stumps, doing a little 4x4 action, and pooping in the forest. It was awesome)
  • Played "head, shoulders, knees and toes" with thirty Japanese kindergarteners. They sing it in English.
  • Worked my way up to a 2.5hr run. I think I might try and do a marathon next year. Don't tell my boss.
  • Got rained on in New Jersey.
  • Ate pie for breakfast 4 days in a row.
  • Became addicted to $5 burger night at the attic.
  • And danced my ass off on numerous occasions. Can I salsa? No. Can I dance to salsa music? Yes. Will Everyone around me be angry that I am not dancing salsa? Yes. But will those people also be secretly jealous of my sweet moves? Of course.
Well there you have it. That's what has been going on for the last couple of months. For the future, I should be updating once a week or so from now on because I once again have a steady supply of internet.
Take it easy and happy holidays,


Nikki said...

Alex you're too funny. :-) Glad to hear things are going well. I'll take another fun IM chat versus an email though.

Huge good lucks in Kansas City! I hope you kick some butt! Say hi to Powers for me too! Have a great holiday and hope to read from you soon!

jeanettehannahirwin said...

Fourth place in Mizzuruh. Way ta go Holmes.

jeanettehannahirwin said...

Congratulations! You were one step from the podium. Way to go Holmes.