Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Road

Still in Belgium right now. Raced on the 8th, and preparing to race again today on the 10th. The race a couple of days ago went about as I had expected it would. Race, race, race, cough, cough, cough (I've been sickish for the last week), 20 guys go up the road, race, race, race, make it into a chase group w/ 5km to go, flat, finish mid pack. Normal stuff. I'm sure today will be more of the same.

I will say though, that hanging out here at the national team house is a very welcomed change of pace. Hanging out, speaking English, recalling war stories, watching English tv, and just enjoying riding bikes (or not riding sometimes! our "training session" at a playground in a near by town wasn't exactly the most strenuous ride), has me feeling happy as a clam here. Not to mention I don't have to cook dinner! I could most certainly get used to this.

Anyways, just got my ticket info and I'm officially heading to the states on the 12th! REALLY EXCITED!

Oh, and one more thing. A few of you were asking about my fight at Roubaix. It started when they neutralized the race after 60km and some hozer was pushing his way to the front. He pushed me down into the mud in an effort to move up and I grabbed onto his bike to preventing him from doing so. Upon regaining my footing, he had some choice words for me in his language and I had a few for him in my language. He swung, popped me in the top of the helmet (that had to hurt!) and in the heat of the moment I felt the need to give him a quick jab w/ the right. Pretty stupid, but I'm sure it was pretty funny to watch!

Goin' out swinging today,

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Nikki said...

You're too funny. I'm still trying to figure out how the one knew you had a fist fight. Thanks for letting us know though. I hope the guy hurt his hand a bit too! Good Stuff.

Hope today's race was a good one and there were no hello's to the ground. Safest Travels!!!