Sunday, March 29, 2009

boo crits.

So far, so good out here in Redlands. Sittin' pretty in the top 20. The whole team is riding well and looking strong and we're all super pumped to put our big fat armature stamp on one of the biggest pro stage races in the states. Today is supposed to be a 17 on the, "If I go any harder I will bleed out my ears" scale of one to 10. Can't wait. Only thing I can complain about is my spill in the crit yesterday. Hit a water bottle mid corner and washed out the front wheel and I was on the ground before I even knew I was crashing. Straight up bad luck. Nothing like crashing in 10th position because someone has crappy bottle cages then having 150+ guys go flying by. Got knocked back down twice trying to get up. Oh well.

Chicks dig scars,

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Dimas

Hanging out in Cali right now. Just finished up the San Dimas stage race. It went ok. Finished up 15th overall. Pete was 4th. Caleb beat me by 2 seconds. What a jerk.

This is the only photo I've ever actually considered paying money for:

Redlands starts on Thursday,


Monday, March 16, 2009

Road Trippin'

The desert is rad.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hanging out in Tucson right meow. Drove down for the 23rd running Tucson bicycle classic. Cool little race. Here's the break down:

Long drive. Camped out in the woods w/ the bears. Seriously. There were tracks up there. Looks like mild winters mean bears don't hibernate as long. Decided to eat a pop tart instead of making bacon and eggs for dinner...

Stage one: I really need to learn to TT...

Stage two: Go from the gun tactics always work. Back in the race.

Stage three: Straight up death match. Showed up with the plan of ripping my own legs of. Plan executed to perfection. Can't remember the last time I've gone so hard for $60 and a t-shirt. At least the t-shirt is cool. Finished up 5th overall.

Now I'm just hanging out with Chad and Peter waiting for the weather up north to turn around before making the trek home. Planning on squatting for a night in Sadona and Arches national park on my way home. Maybe swing by the Grand Canyon too just for kicks. Definitely looking forward to all dat.

Enjoy your lunch today,